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Car Covers- Is it worth Buying do you want to know more?

We buy covers for various household items such as laptops, mobiles, guitar, etc. The reason for buying the cover is to protect the main element; the same thing applies to the car as well. The car will be exposed to various weather conditions when parked under a tree with many birds living on it, you will have tree sap and bird droppings on it, dusty or windy area deposits dust and if you live by seaside then expect moisture deposition, your car needs protection from all these conditions. If you need good covers then go in for carcover.com. This is one of the best website which has got a wide variety of options and one can get what they desire. All this is available at a good price and that makes it a good choice and one can be sure of the quality once they buy from here. So you should just visit the website ounce and you do not need to worry about anything else.

In addition to our modern and fancy cars, antique cars also badly need a cover, as they are meant to be placed in the garage for a long time. The antique cars will be on the road once in a while for a joy ride. The car covers provide the most required protection.

Here we provide you the reasons to buy a car cover:

Keeps dust away: If you keep your car safely in your garage still dust can deposit in your car and affect the paint quality. Lightweight covers will be at your rescue to prevent dust and dirt deposition. They are especially useful when the car is to be parked for a longtime Make sure the car cover is installed properly and all the areas are covered. The car covers are quite handy to protect you from bird dropping or tree sap. This is problem which generally lots of people face and that makes it a good choice for everyone.

Make sure that you go to an amazing website like carcover.com, which has got all that you in need. Even custom covers are easily available so that you do not need to go anywhere else and you can be sure of the good quality and value for money that you will get. Also they have an option where you can buy from the comfort of your home also, that makes it a very good choice and you do not need to worry. It is something very important, one has to go in for s website like carcover.com, which is really good and can really give you very good quality and you do not need to look for anything else.

Controls Moisture: A breathable car cover can help you in the absorption of moisture and the prevention of rust. The car covers prevent the entry of moisture on the car surface in the first place giving you a dry rust-free surface. There are many good options and you should make sure that you have something that also is able to control moisture without any problems.

UV protection: We all know the bright sunlight can fade the color of your new shiny car. The car covers also come with a UV protection layer which prevents the entry of UV rays onto the surface. The dark-colored car cover will fade away in sun, so better to go with lighter colors. Also, the lighter cover cools the car by the end of the day and that is something really good, you can go in for a product that can give you very good value for money, this is website which offers only quality and gives one and all a price which one cannot forget. 

Car covers are easy to carry: You can just put it in any car trunk after removing it and then cover your car again anywhere and anytime.

Protection from theft: A covered car will be difficult to identify for its model and make. The thieves have to first remove the car cover to get details about the car and its contents. The valuables also can be stored safely without any fear.

Limits car washing: A properly covered car requires less number of washes as it is protected all the time from dirt. It helps in saving time, energy and water to wash the car cover.

Easily Available: Car covers can be easily available in the departmental store. Make sure you have gathered all the information about the car cover from the website or the manual for easy identification of its features, installation, and washing.

Add a car cover to your next buying list to avoid any small imperfection scratches and etches on your car. Let the car paint shine for a long time!

Mowing mistakes that you need to avoid

Many people find mowing to be a challenging thing to do. That is because there are some tips that one should know before the mowing process. Without those tips, mowing will be hard for you. Therefore you need to know some of the essential mowing tips to avoid mowing mistakes. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common mistake that you need to avoid while mowing. The following errors will leave your work poorly done or even harm your machine. Remember, your zero turn mowing machine is a valuable asset that needs to care for to serve you for a long time. Just a simple mistake is enough to cost you a lot in repairing the mower. Therefore ensure you avoid the following common mistakes that many people make.

  1. Choosing the wrong mower.

If you need the best results on any activity, ensure you use the most appropriate tool. That should be the first thing to consider. You need to ask several questions about a specific mower before buying it. Many people make a mistake of choosing the wrong mower for a particular task. Selecting the best mower depends on several things such as the mower quality, the size of the yard you need to mow, the land terrain, the number of trees the mower needs to maneuver, and much more. The things mentioned above will help you to avoid choosing the wrong mower. Have a look at elitemower.com for more information.

  1. Running the mower at a slower speed.

Many people do not know about the best speed to maintain while using the zero-turn mower. Many things that by keeping a slow pace, they will mow the area correctly. That is not true because the rate can affect the quality of the work that you are doing. Ensure the mowing rate is medium. Keeping your mower machine at medium speed can help you to cut the grass or other things that you are cutting at the same level. Also, you will avoid repeating the mowing process. Thus, while using your zero turn mower, ensure the speed is not low or very high.

  1. You are using blunt blades.

Keeping the cutting blades blunt is among the prevalent mistake that many people make when using a mowing machine. It is essential to maintain the cutting edges sharp always. Dull blades will destroy your grass since they are unable to cut it one time. You need to repeat the mowing process to ensure the grass is cut uniformly. Also, blunt cutting blades will make you use more fuel since you have to repeat the mowing many times. Since the best zero turn mower comes with a set of replacing blades, ensure the extra blades that are kept are always sharp. If you do not know how to sharpen the mower blades, consider taking them to a technician for sharpening. That is because you may sharpen the unevenly.

  1. You are cutting the wet lawn.

Do you need to keep your zero turn mower in good condition all the time? If yes, avoid cutting the wet lawn. Mowing your yard after a rainstorm can be a very challenging thing. That is because some foreign debris might have been carried to your yard without knowing. Hence you need to ensure there are no items that can damage the cutting blades of the mower. Choose to give your grass a haircut if you realize any signs of rain. Also, you need to know mowing wet lawn can make the work appear unworthy since some green will stick to your mower. For comfortable mowing, always do it when there is no rain, and the lawn is not wet.

  1. You are cutting the grass too short.

Another common mistake that people make when using a zero-turn mowing machine is to cut the grass very short. It is essential to know that mowing anything more than 1/3 of the grass damages the lawn. Therefore ensure you mow according to the instructions from the zero-turn mower manufacturer. That will help to maintain your grass and the mower in a healthy condition.

  1. Not Following a schedule.

You may be having a plan on when you need to cut your grass. Many people make a mistake of not adhering to their mowing schedule. If you want your lawn to grow uniformly, ensure the mowing schedule is adhered. That is because you need to give the grass a good time to spread along the yard.

  1. Following the same pattern.

Another mistake that can make your grass appear unhealthy is cutting it using the same pattern all the time. Remember whenever you are mowing, the grass will grow in the direction they are cut in by the mower. Therefore by ensuring you change the cutting pattern will help the grass to grow upright.

    1. You are leaving the mower uncleaned.

Below is another prevalent mistake that can make your zero turn mower life to reduce. By leaving the machine uncleaned, you lower its lifespan. That is because the debris on the mower will make those parts rust. Before you store the mower, ensure you have cleaned it and oiled the movable parts.

  1. You are ignoring safety measures.

Every equipment has some safety measures that one should adhere to while using. Those safety measures are there to help you use your equipment in the right way without causing any damage to the environment. For instance, it is recommended to keep children and pets away during the mowing process.

Some of the other common mistakes to avoid while using the zero-turn mowing include not storing the mower properly, ignoring the maintenance manual, cleaning the clippings, and many more. By avoid the above-discussed mistakes, you will be able to maintain your mower in good condition and extend its lifespan.

Important things that you should know about weight loss supplements


Instant knock out burners are commonly advertised as boosters that elicit less storage of fats. Both men and women can use these metabolism boosters to lose weight. Achieving the desired body has become many people’s dreams. Many people have tried going the diet way to lose weight but the process is very slow and many ends being frustrated. Due to that, the market today is filled with many ways of trying to help people lose weight fast enough. Among the methods to lose weight fast, weight loss supplements are one of the supplements or pills that promise to deliver fast results in achieving the body in many people’s dreams. The supplement is known to have ten or more fat burners. That is to say, they can be the fat-burning miracle you have been praying for long. There are many Instant Knockout Reviews written and made available today. Many things have also been said on the supplements. With this piece, you will be able to know every important detail about the supplements.

What exactly are weight loss supplements?

Instant knock out fat burner is known to be a very powerful formula that is essential in fat burning. According to research, the formulae have ten natural ingredients or more. It is a formula that works by suppressing hunger, it also boosts the body’s metabolism and helps increase the body’s energy levels. The manufacturer of the supplements is known to be based in the Uk and he is known for the manufacturing of supplements helpful in sporting as well. Initially, the instant knock out supplements was only made for MMA fighters and the pro boxers but today, everyone who needs the supplements has access to them. According to the manufacturer, these supplements can help you melt all the stubborn fats leaving you with the body that you desire. For him, they are the best way to achieve a sexy body. Weight loss supplement supplements have been approved by the FDA.

What are some of the ingredients in the weight loss supplements?

Weight loss supplements are known to have ten suitable ingredients that have been chosen and tested scientifically. Among the ingredients, green tea is the most important one. It is believed that the ingredients are responsible for breaking down the stored fats in the body and it also speeds up the body’s metabolism reactions. Other important ingredients include the cayenne pepper seeds, glucomannan, caffeine anhydrous, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, GTF chromium, Zinc, piperine, and green coffee beans.

How do the supplements work?

Weight loss supplements have three ways of working. The first way is by increasing the metabolism rate of the body. When your body id working on a slower metabolism rate, fewer fats are being burned at a time. The weight loss supplements contain ingredients said to increase the body’s metabolism rate. By doing that, the body will be able to burn the stored fats fast enough. The second-way instant knockout burner’s work is by suppressing hunger. When you eat constantly and eating snacks between meals can lead to more fats being stored. When you take the knockout supplements, your hunger and your cravings will be suppressed. When you eat lea food than usual, the fat stored in your body will also be less. The third-way instant knockout supplement works are supplying your body with sufficient energy. The supplements are known to provide enough as well as sufficient energy that helps individuals keep up their active lifestyle even when they are losing fats.

How to use weight loss supplements

A bottle of instant knockout supplements contains up to 120 capsules. According to the manufacturer, it is best if the user takes four capsules a day. You can take the capsules in the morning, the second one should be taken before lunch, and the third should be taken in the afternoon and one before eating your dinner or supper. Note, instant knockout supplements contain caffeine. Therefore, you should keep off other supplements when you are using instant knockout supplements. If you have any medical conditions, you should consult your doctor or physician before you can take weight loss supplements. If you are younger than 18 years old the weight loss supplements can work perfectly for you.

Possible side effects

According to the manufacturer, the weight loss supplements are made of natural ingredients. Therefore, there are no possible side effects that the user should expect. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should avoid taking other stimulants while on weight loss supplements. That is because you can experience restlessness and your sleep patterns can also be affected. Therefore, you should avoid using other stimulants.

Where to by weight loss supplements

There are many places that you can buy the weight loss supplements. You can buy the supplements over the counter or you can buy them online. Although many websites are selling weight loss supplements, you should be aware of fake products. Therefore, check and be extra vigilant when you are trying to purchase the supplement online. You can buy instant knock out supplements quantity according to doctor’s advice or according to the results that you want. Before buying, read Instant Knockout Review just to be aware of what other people are saying about the instant knockout supplements. it will be a clear eye-opener for you.

Project Timeline Template in Microsoft Excel Do you want to know more?

A Timeline is a visual chart showing chronological order of series of events over a linear time scale. It is graphical and therefore easy to understand critical milestones like the progress of project schedule. It is something very important, that you look for a good project timeline template excel word. It should be good and pricing also should not be very high and once you get these things done, then the process becomes much easier. It is something very important and this can really make the process better, if you want to speedup up things, this is one of the best ways of doing that and get process done.

Project Timeline is a line with dates, events or actions.Stakeholders are able to see what needs to be accomplished. Timeline is a powerful tool in project management and is usually paired by a Gantt chart. Once you have a template, that will make the process much easier and you will not need to worry about anything. Since there are so many templates which are either in build or new, one can go in with them and that will make the process much easier and you will not have an issue. One should know how to write the formula and once known will make the process much easier. So it is important, that one takes care of things. A template can save so much of time and can giv you a great time to work and get it done quickly.

The scatter chart available in Excel can be formatted to create a Timeline.This is one of the options for making an Excel Timeline. Make sure that you have made a good project timeline template excel word, this will make your work easy and process much better, you cannot ask for anything more. Many people from all over the world, are wanting to get the work done and in quick time a creation of template can really help people complete this goal and improve the productivity time, this is a very serious issue one must keep track of.

A project Timeline in excel is created using charts linked to data tables. When you edit the data table, the chart updates automatically. Since there is so much of choice in the market, one can get it made professionally or look for solutions which can help people get the job done. Make sure you go in for project timeline template excel word. Once you make this, then it will speeding up your work and give you great opportunity to complete things in quick time and one cannot ask for anything more.

How to make an Excel Timeline

  • List key events/dates in Excel Table
  1. Key events, critical deliverables. These will form milestones in which to create timeline.
  2. Create a table out of these Milestones then add the due date of that particular milestone next to each and once you do this, then things will become much easier and you do not need to worry about anything.
  3. Format the scatter chart available in Excel to create a Timeline.
  • Make timeline in Excel by setting it as a Scatter Chart
  1. Click any blank cell from the timeline worksheet in Excel.
  2. Select the ‘Insert’ tab from the Excel Ribbon and navigate to the ribbons chart section.
  3. Drop down the scatter/bubble chart menu in the charts section of the ribbon.
  4. Select ‘Scatter’. A blank white chart space will be inserted onto your Excel worksheet.
  • Add milestone data to your timeline
  1. Right click the blank white chart, select ‘Data’. This brings up ‘Select Source Window’
  2. To the left of data source window, there is Legend Entries (Series) Click ‘Add’ button to bring up Edit Series Window. You add the dates that will make your timeline.
  3. c) Enter the dates in ‘Series X’ values. In the Series Xvalues window, Click on the tiny spreadsheet . Click the first date of your timeline to select your range, then drag down to the last date.
  4. d) Move to ‘Series Y Value’.Enter the plotting numbers you added to your table. Remove the defult value in the Series Y Value window. Select your range like previous.
  5. e) Populate both X and Y Series values.
  6. f) Click ok twice to create a scatter chart.
  • Turn Your Scatter chart into Timeline
  1. Click your chart for more controls. Click plus(+) button to open the ‘Chart Elements Menu’.
  2. Uncheck Gridlines and Chart Title in the Chart Elements control box.
  3. Uncheck Primary Vertical, leave Primary Horizontal checked.
  4. Add data labels and Error Bars.
  • Format your Timeline.
  • Add titles to your timelines milestones.
  • Styling options for your timeline.

Examples of Project Timeline Templates

  • Construction Schedule

The bars in the schedule are automatically created using conditional formatting. You can select your favorite  color by entering a color code in the Type column.

  • Project Planner Template

Here no need to enter any formulas at all. It is more basic and lacks the features of My Gantt Chart Template. Once you make use of this, it will make the process much easier and you will not need to worry about too much. There are many people who are in issues and need quick work and that will only happen, if one does not know how to get things done.

It is something very important, that you need to take care of. Once you do that then process become such easier and you will not have an issue, this is something that you need to note.

  • Gantt Chart Template

Is a type of bar chart that shows the start and end times for each task. One should go in for templates, as that is making the process much easier. So what are you waiting for? Just go in for a some template and that will make the process much easier and you will not need to worry about anything.

America’s Most And Least Popular Senators


Have you ever been curious about the most and least popular senators who fascinated the Americans throughout all these ages? Do you want to know their names and surprise your colleagues with your general knowledge? Then you are at the right place. In this article we aim to discuss about the 10 most and least popular senators of America.

For your further advantage we have arranged their names along with their popularity rate in a hierarchical manner. Now you can easily get an idea of the names of the most and least popular senators of America at a glance. This will help you to remember their names even more easily.

Without further adieu let’s proceed. All the names of these senators are followed by the corresponding approval , disapproval and no opinion rate. All of these rates are in percentage. The rank of the most and least popular senators in America are as follow :

Bernie Sanders ( V T – I )

Approval rate : 80%

Disapproval rate : 17%

No opinion / don’t know : 2%

Susan Collins

Susan Collins ( M E – R )

Approval rate : 79%

Disapproval rate : 13%

No opinion / don’t know : 8%

John Hoeven ( N D – R )

Approval rate : 74%

Disapproval rate : 10%

No opinion / don’t know : 16%

Angus King ( M E – I )

Approval rate : 74%

Disapproval rate : 14%

No opinion / don’t know : 11%

Patrick Leahy

Patrick Leahy ( V T – D )

Approval rate : 73%

Disapproval rate : 19%

No opinion / don’t know : 8%

Thomas Carper ( D E – D )

Approval rate : 69%

Disapproval rate : 20%

No opinion / don’t know : 11%

Amy Kloubuchar ( M N – D )

Approval rate : 68%

Disapproval rate : 21%

No opinion / don’t know : 11%

John Barrasso

John Barrasso ( W Y – R )

Approval rate : 65%

Disapproval rate : 27%

No opinion / don’t know : 8%

Al Franken ( M N – D )

Approval rate : 63%

Disapproval rate : 26%

No opinion / don’t know : 11%

Chris Coons ( D E – D )

Approval rate : 63%

Disapproval rate : 24%

No opinion / don’t know : 13%

So now you know the most and least popular senators of America. This ranking list is prepared on the basis of a survey of about 416, 853 registered voters spread across the country. Chris Coons’s popularity has been reduced while Angus King has climbed a few steps in the raking ladder. Bernie Sanders is indeed an inspiration for all who has continued to retain his popularity at the foremost level with a whopping 80% of votes. His age couldn’t reduce his activity or charm to his followers.

Politics is a game changer. You never know what surprise is awaiting you at every turn. One needs to be utterly careful to measure his or her next step or else one may lose their position in the ranking list. This is evident in the recent survey.

Help Democrats Lower Gas Prices Now

I was at home in Nevada while Congress was in recess last week. Driving around meeting with constituents, I saw firsthand that gas prices were once again shooting up to unprecedented levels of more than $3 a gallon. These high prices are unacceptable, and they are a direct result of the failures of George Bush, Republicans in Congress and their buddies at the big oil and gas companies.

Today, Democrats proposed an amendment to provide immediate relief to consumers. The amendment introduced by Senator Menendez will provide more than $6 billion in relief directly to the American people by eliminating the federal tax for both gas and diesel for 60 days. During the period of this gas tax holiday, the cost of gas will be reduced by $0.184 per gallon and the cost of diesel by $0.244 per gallon. We will pay for this tax cut by eliminating tax breaks and giveaways to big oil.

Senate Democrats need your help to show public support for this amendment. Show your support for the Menendez Amendment by becoming a citizen cosponsor today.

Become a citizen cosponsor today.

It was George Bush who promised during his first campaign that he would “jawbone” his family friends, the Saudis, into lowering oil prices. Yet every summer the price gets higher and higher. Why is your family paying more at the pump? The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights released a report last week concluding that in California, “corporate markups and profiteering are responsible for spring price spikes, not rising crude costs . . . as the oil industry claims.”

Democrats want to address the problem directly, and our amendment will provide immediate relief to consumers. Senator Frist and Republican leadership believe there is no political price to pay for being in bed with big oil. Lets show them the truth. Fifty thousand of you signing up, as “Citizen Cosponsors” of this legislation would make a huge difference.

Become a citizen cosponsor of the Menendez Amendment today.

High gas prices hurt everyone. They lead to increased costs for food and place a heavy burden on those who commute to work. I receive hundreds of letters every week from Americans whose budgets are being stretched thin by skyrocketing prices. Gas is not a luxury for families—it is a necessity.

The fact is the big oil companies control the supply and know that families really have little choice in the matter – they literally have consumers over a barrel. While we are paying record prices, the oil companies are reaping record profits.

About the Menendez Amendment
The amendment will provide more than $6 billion in relief directly to consumers by eliminating the federal tax for both gas and diesel for 60 days. During the period of this gas tax holiday, the cost of gas will be reduced by $0.184 per gallon and the cost of diesel by $0.244 per gallon. Drivers will receive real relief every time they go to the pump during this period.

Protects the Highway Trust Fund. Under this amendment, the Highway Trust Fund will not lose one dime. Funds generated by reducing the tax breaks and giveaways to Big Oil will be transferred to the Highway Trust Fund in an amount equal to the revenues lost through the federal tax holiday. The Highway trust fund will continue to collect the revenues needed to continue all of the projects currently planned and funded.

Big Oil Will Pay the Price. After reporting record profits of over $100 billion last year, Big Oil is the most profitable business in the world. This amendment will provide direct relief to consumers and be fully paid for by repealing three major tax breaks that Big Oil clearly does not need and eliminating unnecessary and expensive royalty relief.

� Foreign Oil & Gas Foreign Tax Credit and Income. Under present law, US companies can claim a foreign tax credit for taxes paid to another country and not royalties and similar payments related to an economic benefit. The provision denies foreign tax credits for payments to a foreign country if the foreign country does not have a generally applicable income tax.

� LIFO � Oil & Gas. Under current law, businesses are generally permitted to use a last-in, first-out (LIFO) method to account for their inventories. This allows companies to create a tax advantage during times of rising prices. This proposal limits the tax benefits of this LIFO method of accounting for integrated oil companies with gross receipts in excess of $1 billion.

� Elimination of Amortization of Geological and Geophysical Expenditures for Large Oil & Gas Companies. Eliminates the tax break for accelerated depreciation for these expenditures for fully integrated oil companies that was passed in the Energy Bill.

� Eliminates Royalty Relief and other Direct Spending. The amendment also eliminates royalty relief and other direct spending for oil and gas production incentives in Titles III and IX of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 totaling approximately $700 million. In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the major oil company CEOs testified that they did not need these incentives.

Wrong values, Wrong priorities.

Here is my floor statement on Republican budget reconciliation bill:

Mr. President, I strongly oppose the Republican budget and the package of reconciliation bills we will be debating over the next two weeks.

This Republican budget and these reconciliation bills are fiscally irresponsible and will increase the deficit.

The budget and these reconciliation bills are based on the wrong values, harming vulnerable Americans to provide tax breaks for special interests and multi-millionaires.

And with so many other serious problems facing middle class families and our nation, the decision to focus on this reconciliation legislation reflects seriously misplaced priorities.

Together, we can do better.

Mr. President, the budget of the United States ought to be a mirror of our nation’s values. A budget reflects what we think is important—what we care about, and what we don’t. It says a lot about who we are and what we value, as a people and a nation.

In essence, Mr. President, a budget is a moral document. Unfortunately, the Republican budget is an immoral document.

That’s not my term, M. President. That’s the conclusion of some of our nation’s leading religious leaders who, citing Scripture and the Bible, have urged all of us to oppose this budget reconciliation process. As Bishop Mark Hansen, the Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America put it, “This is not the time to cut…important programs while using the cuts to pay for tax breaks for those who don’t need them.”

Mr. President, my Republican friends will portray their budget as a way to reduce the deficit. In truth, their budget, and these reconciliation bills, actually would make the deficit worse. In fact, debt under their budget would go up by about $3 trillion in just five years. That’s fiscally irresponsible at any time, but especially when we should be saving to prepare for the baby boomers’ retirement.

Mr. President, let’s review some history. When this Administration came to power, our nation had finally put our fiscal house in order. After many years of deficits and raids on Social Security to pay for other programs, Democrats—without the help of a single Republican vote—stopped that practice. As a result of our efforts, this nation ran a surplus from 1998 through 2001, and it was projected we would enjoy surpluses for as far as the eye could see. At the time, our future looked so bright that many economists, including Alan Greenspan, were seriously worried about what would happen to financial markets if we eliminated our debt altogether.

Unfortunately, in five short years, with Washington Republicans firmly in control of the White House and both houses of Congress, we have moved from a period of record surpluses to a time of record deficits. Once again, we are raiding Social Security. And the deficits in each of the last three years have been higher than at any time before President Bush took office.

Mr. President, the latest Republican budget before us will make matters worse. While the majority has divided its budget in a way that obscures its overall effect, nobody should be fooled. Viewed as a whole, budget reconciliation would increase the deficit by more than $30 billion. And after five years, under their budget, our national debt would exceed $11 trillion.

But, Mr. President, the problems with their budget go well beyond its fiscal irresponsibility. This budget reflects the wrong values. It puts more burdens on those already struggling. And if that isn’t bad enough, it takes the sacrifices it demands of the less fortunate to partially pay for another round of large tax breaks for special interests and multi-millionaires.

Let’s look at what’s in the bill before us.

The budget increases burdens on America’s seniors, by increasing Medicare premiums.
It cuts health care – both Medicare and Medicaid – by a total of $27 billion.
It cuts support for farmers by $3 billion.
It cuts housing.
It allows drilling in an Alaskan wildlife refuge, at the behest of the oil and gas industry.

And if you take a look at what’s happening in the House of Representatives, you can see what’s likely to be coming down the pike.

Student loan cuts.
Food stamp cuts.
Cuts in child support enforcement.
Deeper and more painful cuts in health care.

And why? Why are we using expedited procedures for cuts that will harm millions of seniors and working Americans?

Is it to reduce the deficit? No.

Is it to pay for Katrina? No.

Is it to prepare for the Avian Flu? No.

It’s to provide congressional Republicans fiscal cover today so they can turn around tomorrow to provide tax breaks to special interests and multi-millionaires.

Let me be more specific. The capital gains and dividend tax breaks in the Republican budget would provide 53 percent of its benefits to those with incomes greater than $1 million. Those lucky few will get an average tax break of about $35,000.

But what about those with incomes between, say, $50- and $200,000? Well, they’ll get an average tax cut of $112.

And what about those with incomes less than $50,000?

$35,000 for those with incomes more than a million dollars. $6 dollars for those earning less than $50,000.

And to partially pay for these tax breaks, many Republicans now want to cut Medicare. Cut Medicaid. Cut agriculture. Cut housing. Cut student loans. Cut child support enforcement. Cut services that Katrina survivors rely on. Cut benefits needed by our nation’s most vulnerable Americans.

Mr. President, now you know why some of our nation’s most respected religious leaders call this budget immoral. These choices do not reflect the best of America’s values. This is not what most Americans would want.

We can do better.

Finally, Mr. President, beyond the fiscal irresponsibility of this budget and the disturbing choices it makes, there are other more important priorities that the Senate should be addressing.

Gas prices are skyrocketing. Families are struggling to fuel their vehicles and heat their homes. Farmers and businesses are feeling the pinch. Democrats have a plan to respond, to address price gouging and, ultimately, to make our nation energy independent. That’s more important than harming the vulnerable to provide tax breaks to special interests and multi-millionaires, while increasing the deficit.

Hurricane survivors are struggling. Thousands lack health coverage. More than 200,000 still live in hotel rooms. Devastated communities have been forced into massive layoffs and are unable to provide even basic services. And many survivors, having lost everything, are facing the threats of foreclosure and bankruptcy. Democrats have a plan to address these urgent needs. That’s more important than harming the vulnerable to provide tax breaks to special interests and multi-millionaires, while increasing the deficit.

The Iraq war is not going as well as the Administration promised. 2000 Americans have died. Over 15,000 have been badly injured. 150,000 more remain in harm’s way, while the Administration still has no plan to end the conflict and bring them home. Instead of being greeted as liberators, the violence continues nearly 2 ∏ years after the start of the conflict. Our nation badly needs a strategy for success. And that, too, is more important than harming the vulnerable to provide tax breaks to special interests and multi-millionaires, while increasing the deficit.

So, Mr. President, I urge my colleagues to defeat the Republican budget. It’s fiscally irresponsible. It’s based on the wrong values. And it reflects the wrong priorities.

Together, we can do better. Let’s reject this budget, and then let’s focus on the real needs of the middle class and our nation.